TEDxKraków - a team member since 2010. Also coordinated the work on the subtitles. Check it out, it's a good TEDx event.

TED Open Translation Project - I've worked here as a translator, reviewer and Language Coordinator, and I have invested much of my two cents' worth in looking for ways for the Project to go. I also try to help out in developing the OTPedia. If you feel you are up to it, go on and sign up to translate the talks and/or revise other translators' work! I also got to participate in the TED Translator Workshop at TEDGlobal 2011, and you can listen to my presentation here with subtitles in English, Polish and Dutch (translated by Els De Keyser). I was honored to share my motivation for participating in the OTP in "Why I translate TEDTalks," the official promo video (subtitled in multiple languages).

Blog - Letnia Szkoła Polskiego Języka Migowego (Polish) - I took an intensive Polish Sign Language (PJM) class (2 semesters' worth in 2 weeks) in what was the first ever publically available Polish Sign Language course, and I blogged about my experience from a "language-teacher-turned-student" perspective. The natural Polish Sign Language was surpressed for a long time in Poland, and now, this beautiful language has a future. I was really glad to be able to participate in that event!

Stowarzyszenie Lepsza Przyszłość - Gierałtowicki Słownik Gwarowy - a little dictionary of Silesian - a language/dialect used in the south of Poland (Silesia). I did the crossword puzzles.

Latimeria - a friend's band. I mucked around with tiny bits of some of their lyrics. Check them out!

TrekSfera 2010 Technobabble Triumph - I tied for first place at the 2010 TrekSfera technobabble competition. We were given a mystery word or phrase and were supposed to convey it in technobabble, and this is my final winning performance. I do another bit of technobabble earlier in the video, and there are two more in other videos in the channel. Click here to view the English translation of my technobabble and the mystery phrase.