Note: You can also find some translation-related content among my publications.


    Some of my subtitling work can be viewed online:

    The Guild

    You can watch the videos with my Polish subtitles in the show's YouTube channel.

    TED Open Translation Project

    I have been involved in the Project right from when it started, currently as one of the Polish Language Coordinators. Go here for a list of my translations and reviews. See also the interview the TED Blog did with me for the "Translator Spotlight" feature. Thanks to my wonderful friends from the OTP, you can also read it in Arabic (translated by Anwar Dafa-Alla), Japanese (translated by Yasushi Aoki) and Serbian (translated by Ivana Korom).


    I did most of the Polish and English subtitles for TEDxKrakow talks, and managed and organized the subtitling project in 2010 and 2011. Go here for detailed subtitle credits and links to videos.


Translator Profiles